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A world of trash

The Plogga phenomenon, the mix of picking up litter and jogging at the same time, har exploded since its inception in 2016 and is now found in almost all parts of the world. If preferred you can walk, skateboard, ride a bicycle, swim or some other means of transportation. Plogging is changing the minds of people and Ploggers are proud litter pickers changing the world and improving out health before it is too late.

Our vision is simple: to create a clean world. We've been stuck thinking that it's wrong to pick up other people's garbage. People have lost respect for the environment around them and continue to throw garbage around them more and more, and we see it everywhere - on our streets, the forests, and in our waterways and oceans.

Plogging is an easy solution to reverse the current negative trend and help create a long-term sustainable society. Plogging is a concrete, inclusive and positive solution to the problem; by Plogging it is no longer taboo to pick up other people's garbage!

Today Plogging is found in more than 100 countries. We help people daily to start up Plogging groups all over the world. Like us on Facebook to updates on events, information and more!

5 reasons to start Plogging

Health and exercise

Physical activity counteracts depression, obesity and cancer. Today, middle-aged Swedes spend more than 60 percent of their time. According to the Karolinska Institutet, the risk of these common diseases among people who are seated a lot and are physically inactive doubles, for both adults and children. Start Plowing to Live Longer!

More plastic than fish in the seas

The plastic on land ends up in our oceans. Research from the Ellen Macarthur Foundation shows that if we continue to degrade at the rate that is being made now, the world oceans will consist of more plastic than fish in 2050. Fish eat microplastics as it resembles plankton and eventually the plastic ends up on our plates. Plogga on land, then we dont release plastic in the sea!

Save wildlife

Littering also threatens marine wildlife and birds. Scientists are now warning that we are heading into the sixth mass extinction of species due to climate change. For example, sea turtles do not see the difference between jellyfish and plastic bags, which causes the plastic to stick and make them starve to death. Similarly, birds and dolphins get caught in fishing lines, nets and trawls and suffocate. Plogga to save the animals!

Reduced social costs

When you run for a Plogg run you will notice how much rubbish and plastic there is in our streets and in nature. In 2015, the costs of the reduction were estimated to be SEK 2 billion in Sweden. Tax money that could be used for other important social work! Garbage gives birth to garbage - Plogga and take a stand!

Safer society

It is proven that when an area feels cleaner and finer, security increases. People are becoming more social and crime is decreasing, which is usually called "The Broken Windows Theory". Plogga for a safer society!

The long life of trash in nature

Trash thrown out in the wild survives longer than you might think. The PET bottle from which you drank cola recently out survives humans nearly 4 times! And the chewing gum you see on the ground may have been there since 1997. When we Plogga, we can see together that garbage isn't part of our ecosystem. How many decades of waste can you Plogga today?

The Cycle of Garbage

Sushi can taste great. But did you know that the fish we eat, in turn, eat the plastic that is thrown into the sea? So in the end you also eat plastic! Research suggests that microplastics can have a detrimental health effect on animals, as well as humans. Next time you're out paddling; bring a plastic bag and Plogga wherever you are!

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