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Our founder:
Erik Ahlström

Passionate about nature

Ski touring, adventure racing, , mountain races, mountain running, trail running, that is what has kept Erik busy for more than 25 years.

Founder of Kebnekaise Classic, BIMM, BAMM, FEM, Åre Extreme Challenge, C2 (City Challenge) Åre WAR, TEO, C2 (City Challenge), Sweden Sky Race 24 and more! Also the brain behind Salomon Trail Tour that has boosed the interest for trail running in Sweden.

One of the ideas that keeps him busy right now is Bo Outdoor (Live Outdoors)—a modern "sport collective" for us who prefer to live our lives outdoors.

But what Erik will be most famous for is to have had many roles in the Swedish cult classic movie Sällskapsresan 2, Snowroller where he is one of the skiers screaming the most famous line in the movie "Bästa svängen Hökarängen". Hard to translate since it rhymes, but it deals with the gang of skiers who see themselves as awesome are from the Stockholm suburb Hökarängen.

Or maybe it will be Ploggng that will be his ultimate gift to the world?

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