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Make it easy for people to pick up litter with Plogga's products!


From Plogga's collaboration with This Way Products have come products that encourage people to pick up their own and other people's litter in a fun and playful way. The three signature products are called PLOGGIS, FIMPIS & SNACKIS.

To tackle the problem of litter, more people must take part! And by encouraging people to take part, companies and councils can help others join their efforts! These products encourage people to pick up litter while they're on the move. They're designed to reach the kind of people who are already out and about in their cities and in nature, as opposed to physically inactive people who spend all day on social media.

Imagine some PLOGGIS with free litter bags and encouraging messages along walking trails, or a few FIMPIS outside the city's pubs and bars encouraging people to use their cigarette butts to take part in polls, instead of throwing them on the ground. The finishing touch is SNACKIS, positioned above our other products to make them easy to locate.

Invest in our smart products and become an environment hero!



Reduce littering with our litter bag stations. PLOGGIS decals encourage viewers to do the right thing. They include your logo and a QR code with a link to your environment policy. Make it easy to do what's right!

PLOGGIS including logo + unique QR code
199 €
+ delivery & VAT

Box with 1,500 bags made of 100% recycled plastic
229 €



FIMPIS encourages people to stub out their cigarettes cleanly by voting for their preferred option from two – with their cigarette butt. It encourages users to dispose of their cigarette butts in the FIMPIS unit, and to pick up other's butts from the ground. Create your own polls, or subscribe and get new questions regularly to keep people interested.

FIMPIS including logo + unique QR code
399 €
+ delivery & VAT

Subscription to decals with new questions
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The finishing touch! Place SNACKIS just above FIMPIS and PLOGGIS to highlight the importance of picking up litter and make the products more visible and intriguing. Can be supplemented with your logo and message. It's all about communicating important information!

SNACKIS including Plogga-message & bracket
99 €
+ delivery & VAT

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