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Become a Hero!

To continue to keep our streets clean, get plastic out of nature and get more people moving, we need YOU! Become a member of the association Plogga to contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable world with us!


As a Hero you will get:

● Opportunity to become an active Plogger. For those of you who want to get involved voluntarily in health and environmental issues, there are several different ways to become part of our association.

● Help set up your own local events. We spend time and resources on marketing the event to get as many people as possible. We offer coaching for you who organize the event to make it more effective!

● Invitation to a free Plogga event in various locations in Sweden

● Regular newsletters with the latest information about Plogga, workshops, Plogga products, training, network meetings and membership benefits.

● For those of you who are as passionate about Plogga as we are, there is the opportunity to become a Plogga ambassador. Certified Plogga ambassadors receive training, become part of a larger network and have the opportunity to lecture about Plogga themselves.

● By supporting our work as a member, you gain access to a global network of other driven and committed individuals. Take the opportunity to be inspired and create events with other Plows through our community!


Membership in the association Plogga costs SEK 100 / year or SEK 250 / year for family membership. If you become a member during the autumn of 2020, the membership also applies throughout the year 2021. NOTE! The transaction goes via Dinkurs who has designed the form, but your payment goes to the association Plogga.


Through your support, we can continue to fight to put environmental and health issues high on society's agenda and make Plowing an activity for everyone. Feel free to contact our member service if you have any questions about membership -


"Our vision is to create one of the cleanest countries in the world where we are ranked as one of the healthiest by inspiring to Plow up rubbish and contribute to increased physical activity"  

– Erik Ahlström, grundare av Plogga

Become a Hero

How do you want to get involved?

There are several ways you can get involved in Plogging, depending on whether you are a private individual, company or organization. Get in touch and we can help you figure it out!

For Business

We will be happy to lecture for you and your employees and carry out a PLOGGING on site. You will receive a diploma for step 1 in the Plogga education and by extension we will see that you become a partner to Plogga and together with us create a cleaner Sweden.


Exercise promotes learning and we are happy to help you create proud future environmental heroes. We come and lecture on sports and health lessons and PLOGG with your students. We have many exciting and playful methods to implement this step and make it exciting and educational. Children and adolescents who are not normally accustomed to physical activity, they "trick" us through our modern treasure hunt. 


Are you an organization passionate about exercise and / or environmental issues? Feel free to contact us so we can create exciting and viable collaborations.


Which municipality will be Sweden's first garbage-free zone? We will be happy to give you a lecture and carry out a PLOGGING on site. You will receive a diploma for step 1 in the Plogga education and by extension we will see that you become a partner to Plogga and together with us create a cleaner Sweden.

How to Organize a Plogging Event

Are you a private individual who wants to organize an official Plogging event and become a "GRAM Ambassador"? Contact us at PLOGGA via the form below and you will have your own official event in our calendar on Facebook!

We would like to know the time and place for your Plogging event. The location can be adjacent to a park, an outdoor area or in the middle of town. It should be a place where you will make a difference.

We will contact you as soon as we can to help you with the rest.

    Social Media

    Like us on Facebook for updates on Plogging events, lectures, as well as to get in touch with other Ploggers. Or follow us on Instagram to keep up with all that's happening!

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