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Do you want to strengthen your brand and at the same time create proud employees?
Then Plogging is your thing.

Want to engage the company?

We will be happy to provide an inspirational lecture and then help carry out a Plogging event on site. You will receive a diploma for completing step 1 of the Plogga training where you guarantee to have a junk-free zone outside your workplace. In the long run, we would like you to become a partner to Plogga and together with us create a cleaner world!

Being a partner to Plogga is a way of charging your brand with positive values. Using Plogging in your marketing gives rings on the water. Today's consumers are tired of companies that only talk about what they do for the environment without actually being able to show anything concrete. Contact us and we will help you to use Plogging to strengthen your brand and the world.

Since Plogga depends on your help to continue to do good things for the environment and health, we are constantly looking for committed sponsors.

Become a Partner

As a partner of Plogga, you get a unique opportunity to use Plogga when you communicate both internally and externally for your brand or company.

We also come and provide an opening lecture to your group and help you become a natural part of one of the world's hottest environmental and health movements. Get in touch so we can talk about partnership!

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