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Our environmental heroes.

Plogga ambassadors are our heroes who organize regular Plogging events around the world.

Become a Plogga ambassador

The task of the Plogga ambassadors is to plan and carry out official Plogga events with us at Plogga. The event appears as an official event in our event calendar on Facebook.

Our ambassadors are a wild mix of popular profiles and sports, health and environmental heroes. Erik Ahlström, who co-founded Plogga, is our Chief Ambassador as he is renowned for his sports and health commitment and environmental work.

We are constantly looking for more dedicated ambassadors who want to help us spread the World! Are you looking for us?

Three different levels

There are three different levels of Ambassadorship to Plogga. Everyone starts at Gram, and has the opportunity to climb all the way up to Ton!


You create a Plogging event in your hometown, around your home or workplace. We help you to administer, pepper and upload photos in a Facebook event created via us at Plogga. Read more about how you as an individual can create events and engage your area to become a GRAM ambassador.


At this level, you create Plogga events in the same way as GRAM, but organize more events. You hold 4-6 Plogga events / year and are responsible for administering, pepping and uploading photos in a Facebook event that is created via us at Plogga. You will have access to our Instagram and broadcast live during your events. We are happy to tell you more.


At this level, you need to have completed the steps for GRAM and KILO. You will lecture, coach associations, schools and municipalities in Plogging. You undergo training, receive presentation materials and manage your "own" projects. You will also become an editor on our Facebook page and Instagram.

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Upcoming Events

It's fun to go Plogging in a group! Attend one of our many Plogging events in Sweden or around the world. Just check out our event calendar on Facebook.


Help support Plogga!

In order for us to continue to make a difference for a cleaner environment on land and at sea, we are super grateful if you want to donate to us.

Soon we will have Paypal for our international supporters.

Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something.

Your donated money goes back to Plogga's project and to continue to improve the Plogga platform from around the world.

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