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Plogging—The environmental and fitness movement from Sweden that's cleaning the world.

Start Plogging!

Plogga is a growing movement founded in Sweden, with the simple idea to pick up garbage and jog. The name is an acronym of the swedish words for picking and jogging—'Plocka och jogga'. But it doesn't need to be jogging. You can walk, canoe, skateboard, cycle—whatever way you choose to get outside and move.

Plogga and Plogging is spreading like a wildfire across the globe! With the help of a great community of organizers, ambassadors—combined with a fun and educational platform - we can engage all in the healthy garbage picking wave that can save the world.

Find out more about littering and Plogga. We tell you all about how you as a person can organize Plogging events and how you and your company can use Plogga to strengthen your trademark by being a Plogga partner.

Do you work with local administration or a school? We can come and introduce go Plogging with you! Take a look at our new products that make Plogging easier!

Start Plogging—be a hero!

Senaste nytt

Plogging tuesday

Form a new habit – Go Plogging every Tuesday together with hundreds of others all over the world.
Clean up in your own neighbourhood by yourself or with others. Post a notice in your local grocery store. Get to know more people like you.

The only thing you need is a couple of trash bags and preferably some gloves, litter is a dirty business.

Share your good work on social media with the hashtags #ploggingtuesday and #plogga

Take part in other events

It is funs to go Plogging in a group! Take part one of many events all over the world. Take a look in our event calendar on Facebook.

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