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Author: linus.lundberg

A new study says YES!

Great story about Plogging and behavior change. Researchers from Zeppelin University, University of Cologne, and UNSW Sydney have published a new study that explores marketing uses for ”behavioral labeling,” or giving behaviors specific names or tags to encourage people to adopt those behaviors. The

Congrats! Powerful Award to @PlogManOfIndia

Triathlete Award Winner ”7 years ago, I embarked on this journey to pick up litter while running. It wasn’t called plogging then. As I travelled across the country, I took this to various places and so it spread like wildfire. Today there are more than

Plogging IKEA

We get help from Swedish IKEA and our ambassador in Holland Paul Waye, to spread our message Watch the video which is now distributed to all IKEA customers, staff and department stores, this clip is from IKEA Canada.  And read more from IKEA:”How to

Black Friday! Cyber Monday! Black Week?!

Vi väljer att köra #ploggafriday #plogga #plogging #greenfriday Vi vet att dert är billigt och vi vet att det lockar, men snälla miljöhjältar; tänk en extra gång inann du köper de där sakerna som du egentligen inte behöver. I långa loppet är det kanske inte